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Introduction to ADHEAR
The ADHEAR System
How does ADHEAR work?

ADHEAR will be available beginning in August or September 2018.


MedEL ADHEAR - Stick. Click. Hear.

The MedEL ADHEAR is a new bone conduction technology that provides a non-surgical bone conduction system to treat conductive hearing loss. The ADHEAR is worn directly behind the external ear. There are no implanted components. No surgery is required to wear and use the ADHEAR.

ADHEAR: (L) Adhesive Adapter, (R) Sound Processor


The ADHEAR System

The ADHEAR system consists of an adhesive adapter and an audio processor. The adhesive adapter is placed on the skin behind the ear and is similar to an adhesive bandage. The ADHEAR audio processor is snapped onto the adapter with a simple click.

L to R: ADHEAR adhesive adapter. Audio processor mounting on adhesive adapter.


How Does ADHEAR Work?


ADHEAR is a hearing device that uses bone conduction to transmit sound through the skull to the inner ear. The audio processor picks up sound waves, converts them into vibrations, and transmits the sound vibrations onto the bone behind the ear via the adhesive adapter. The bone behind the ear transfers the vibrations to the inner ear (cochlea) where the sound is processed and sent to the brain.

L to R: Adhesive adapter behind R ear. Audio processor attached to adapter. Close up of adapter.


ADHEAR is indicated for patients who have conductive hearing loss and is not appropriate for patients with sensorineural hearing loss.

Please contact our Audiology Department to learn more about MedEL's ADHEAR or visit www.medel.com/us/adhear.

Page last updated June 27, 2018