Ear Center: Earphone Protection Against Noise


All hearing health professionals and parents want to help preserve their children's hearing. MP3 music
players are wonderful devices, but many are capable of producing very loud volumes of sound for many hours.
Noise induced sensorineural hearing loss (as well as acoustic trauma), in both ears, is a distinct possibility
when excessive volumes are used.

In response to address the issue of excessive volumes, new earphones and headphones for MP3 players
are now available from several manufacturers. The Ear Center of Greensboro, P.A. has not tested any of these
devices and does not endorse any particular manufacturer. However, the following is a partial list of products for
your review:

  1. Ultimate Ears LoudEnough Earphones loudenough.com
  2. iHearSafe Safe Volume Earbuds ihearsafe.com, etoys.com
  3. AirDrives for Kids apple.com, bestbuy.com, target.com
  4. iHearSafe Safe Volume Headphones ihearsafe.com

If you, as a parent, are able to hear the music that your children are listening to through earphones or
headphones, then the volume is too loud! Please teach your children the importance of responsible listening and
to understand the necessity to listen to music at comfortable volume levels in order to preserve their hearing during their

If you have any questions concerning your child's hearing or would like to have your child's hearing tested, please
contact us at (336) 273-9932. At the Ear Center, we have the ability and expertise to test hearing at any age.


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