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Aural Rehabilitation for Adults

False Assumptions: Many people believe that wearing a pair of digital hearing aids to help with their hearing loss will return their hearing to "normal". This false assumption is made by many hearing aid users and their families. The truth is that for many hearing impaired adults, amplification isn't enough. Adults, even with the use of hearing aids, may still need assistance in learning and recognizing environmental sounds and comprehending speech information. While there is variability in how much and what type of rehabilitation adults should receive, adults will see improved outcomes and progress with aural rehabilitation.

Aural rehabilitation: Aural rehabilitation is an important part of the process and helps hearing aid users begin to develop communication strategies to help them to better understand speech in a variety of situations.

Cochlear Implant Patients: Aural rehabilitation is particularly important for cochlear implant recipients as they learn to hear using their implant. Cochlear implant manufacturers have designed free websites with rehabilitation activities and strategies that recipients can work through on their own. UNC Greensboro's Speech and Hearing Center also offers group aural rehabilitation therapy for adults with cochlear implants.

Resource Links for Aural Rehabilitation

Hearing aids users: click on the link below

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Last revised June 25, 2019